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Local Services we offer ...
At Berridge Taxis we provide a very reliable local service to the community of Rutland, whether you're going to the surgery, the railway station or the supermarket. We will also collect your medical prescription/s from the surgery or pharmacy and deliver to your home.

We can take you door to door at a time that suits you. For your evenings out, please don’t drink and drive – let us take you out and back, safely and in comfort.

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Home to School transport ...
We provide a home to school transport service to Local Authorities, to private individuals and to the two Rutland public schools - Oakham School and Uppingham School. School transport is a large part of our business and an area upon which we pride ourselves on providing the best service there is in Rutland.

We believe a child's school day starts the moment they walk out of the door at home. Their travel to and from school should be enjoyable and relaxing. Our drivers and school escorts are all enhanced DBS cleared, and have years of experience to enable them to look after the children and make the taxi journey to and from school an enjoyable experience.

We are able to offer this service to any local authority or public school within the surrounding areas and any private individual requiring transport for their children to school. Some families pool together to provide transport. Have a chat with your neighbours, for if your children are all heading in the same direction in the mornings, it might be quite cost-effective to get together and have a taxi journey.

For more information 24/7 on any of the services we offer please Contact Us now with our easy to use eForm, or call us on 01572 756088 during office hours to speak to one of our team members.

Long Row, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6LN.

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Tel: 01572-756088         Fax: 01572-756090

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